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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colleen Dunseth, founder of Sound Bites, was trained through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I- act) in 2000, and has been in practice since that time.  I-act advocates the highest standards of education and professional conduct. She uses only an appropriate FDA Registered (class-2) medical device including sterile, disposable and single use only pencil sized rectal tubes.​


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the Cadillac
in the Colon Therapy experience


Regular Single Session                       $80

1 One Hour Colonic​​



New Client First Session                     $100

1 Hour Colonic

30 Minute Consult and Digestive Analysis

go ahead...take a bite 


inside SURYA
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Durango, CO 81301



by appointment


Package #1   Starter Pack (3) ​              $210

3 One Hour Colonics

2 Probiotic Infusions click here

*expires 6 mo from purchase

$240 Value / SAVE $30                                                              

​Package #2  Deep Cleaning  (6)​           $390

6 One hour Colonics 

3 Probiotic Infusions

*expires 6 mos from purchase

$480 Value  / SAVE $90                                                                        


Package #3    Frequent Flusher (12)​              $725

12 1 hour Colonics

1 Food Sensitivity Scan  click here

Choice of 2 Infusions: Probiotic/Coffee  click here

*expires 1 year from issue date

$945 value / SAVE $220


Local Cleansers Special  details

Food Scan Special  details